Monthly Archives: June 2015

Knowing You

What knowing you has meant to me, Your existence gave me peace, There is really good in the hearts of men and you proved it without cease. In my eyes the sun shines brighter now, and the stars do twinkle more, Just because you were here, and you were my friend, life is sweeter than before. The curtains all have opened now, the shutters all came down, The window to my soul is clearer, just because you came around. My fears, you make me realize, are my own invented game, They no longer plague me in my mind and no longer cause me shame. The voices are all silenced now that kept my dreams at bay, You believed every dream can come true if you want it to, each and every day. Your wisdom in your life and death taught me that love is all that’s real, Because of your example I will not stifle urges now, for saying what I feel. What knowing you has meant to me , though your leaving causes pain,  Today is all we really have, I will never be the same.

Good Intentions

The difference between wondering and knowing is doing. The distance between concept and experience is measured in the time it takes to make ideas happen. Change is inevitable and doing is the one choice we have that gives us power over change, the power to influence our experience.  Becoming is the same as being, just being present in the now to become who we want to be is all we really have.  Intentions are just unfulfilled desires that are stuck on a dusty shelf in your imagination without action. Action with intention is a mindful choice, it is the difference between jumping off a cliff or slipping from a ledge.