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My First Week in Blogging University

Wow- this week flew by! I started this blog to encourage myself to write more when I took a writers101 course last year. At that time I just picked an easy theme and posted a few words never giving any attention to my blogging site itself or really learning how to use it. Time got away from me this year and my blog writing took a hiatus while my thoughts and dreams ended up scribbled into old journals on my bedside table. I am determined not to let that happen again after this course.
I need to write and I need to share it! I need to give myself the gift of doing something just for ME! You see I am a caregiver by trade (nurse) and a giver of care at home as well (mother), taking the time to really immerse myself in a good book for pleasure or pouring my creative urges out into my writing are indulgences I unfortunately have had to sacrifice for too many years. No More! My kids are almost grown, (dropping the first at college next week!) and I am finally done with my own schooling. My work schedule has become more predictable as I’ve gained seniority and I can now leave work at work most days. Nursing is a calling for me just like writing is and I love it but it can be draining! I finally have the time and energy to pursue other interests when I get home.
Blogging 101 has been great so far. On day one I announced my goal of becoming a blogger. I also learned how to tag! On day two I gave my blog a new title by getting nostalgic. I posted about how I got the name from a nickname my mother once gave me. Day three I spent reading other blogs. SO MANY INTERESTING, ORGANIZED, and BEAUTIFUL BLOGS_ SO MANY FABULOUS, INTERESTING, and TALENTED BLOGGERS!! I am following A LOT of really cool blogs now! It made me realize I wanted to improve the look and organization of my blog and I started messing with my theme and other features that very night! The day four task was to identify your audience. I realized that poetry, writing, and philosophy are the focus of my blog and anyone who loves words and thoughts are my target audience. I also learned to add photos and media to my posts. Today, Day five was theme day. I did try many themes this week but ended up just customizing the one I had originally by messing with images, fonts and colors. I am proudest of the fact that that I finally understand how to navigate around the admin area to organize and categorize my posts- since I am not a tech girl this has been a huge source of frustration. I still don’t really understand what a widget is!
Although it is a work in progress, “St. Mary the Martyr’s Blog” has come a long way in just one week. Thanks to all the folks at Blogging University and all my fellow bloggers from Blogging101 who have been so kind! See you next week!how-to-blog-blackboard-classroom_id785240_size485

Seashell Resonance

Relentlessly reaching for the land, rolling, pulling at the sand, 

Thrashing, crashing into the rocks, that’s the way that a wave talks.

Whispers of the Sea unheard, if one could interpret every word, 

Would hold the secrets of this place, from every era one could trace, 

A seashell will always hold this sound, with hope that answers will be found, 

So someday maybe we could be, from the disease of ignorance forever free.

A Fictitious Writer’s Mind

2015-05-07 12.30.16
I wish to see the everyday monotony of life from a bird’s eye view by asking “who, what, where?”
The innermost thoughts of others’ are imagined with ease by asking “why?”
The actions and reactions of human nature are predicted with each monkey wrench scenario and ‘what if’ possible when asked “how?”
What is expected to happen is joyously twisted into what I want to make happen.
Like a grand puppeteer I thrill in mastering each turn of events, controlling with the flick of my wrist how it all makes sense.
Surprises are even more delicious when they make no sense at all until they are tied up into a tidy ball of revelations at the end.
Descriptive words are too easy and the greatest discoveries come in the form of unfamiliar phrases, similes, and symbolism that ring familiar and true to their describer in a perfect metaphor.
Beneath it all a constant inner monologue reigns king and it pours from my brain -to my hand -to my paper like tears turned to melted silver memories in Dumbledore’s pensive.
I long to express daydreams of what never was.writer1

Blogging 101- Day 2- Title and Tagline

I changed my blog title for the day two Blogging 101 assignment to “St. Mary the Martyr’s Blog”, but not my tagline “Fish out of water”.  Here’s why≅

I was a sullen teenager. My mother dealt with my inner turmoil using her best sarcastic wit. Her favorite thing was reciting that lil diddy about eating worms. She also bestowed me with a new nickname during those years; “St. Mary the Martyr, Mother of the Holy Agony”. I was brought up near the ocean on the east coast and am now transplanted to the Midwest, I am literally and figuratively a “Fish out of water” and always have been. Never really felt that my inner self was well represented to the world, never completely fit in. Brought up Catholic (surprise!) but never devout enough. Never Italien or Portuguese enough for my small fishing village and now, let’s face it, I’m just not Minnesota nice enough to be a real Midwestern girl! I’m not an awkward teen anymore and I don’t wallow, I giggle. I remember my nickname while reciting in my head-“big fat juicy ones, long, tall skinny ones, I’m gonna eat some worms!”. Thanks for the coping skills mom! I now have two teenage daughters of my own who are ‘oh so lucky’ to benefit from me slowly becoming my mother.


# Blogging 101-Day 1 Introduction-“I’ve Got Something to Say”

I don’t consider myself a Blogger but I would like to become one. My Blog is not technical or professional, it is simply an outlet for the rambling thoughts that flow through me everyday. Writing is a need for me. Expression and creativity help me organize my brain, unload my feelings, and focus my attention. I Blog rather than just keep a journal because this forum somehow motivates me to put pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard. I think everyone has a story inside them worth telling and hearing. My story pours from me like a geyser under pressure. If I stop the welling tide inside me up too long I feel that I may actually explode. By sharing my story freely I am proclaiming myself as worthy of hearing.  I am discovering my own voice and fighting my urge to suppress it. I am learning to let go of my fear of rejection and teaching myself to speak up, take a stand, and just be ok. Blogging= loving myself.