Blogging 101- Day 2- Title and Tagline

I changed my blog title for the day two Blogging 101 assignment to “St. Mary the Martyr’s Blog”, but not my tagline “Fish out of water”.  Here’s why≅

I was a sullen teenager. My mother dealt with my inner turmoil using her best sarcastic wit. Her favorite thing was reciting that lil diddy about eating worms. She also bestowed me with a new nickname during those years; “St. Mary the Martyr, Mother of the Holy Agony”. I was brought up near the ocean on the east coast and am now transplanted to the Midwest, I am literally and figuratively a “Fish out of water” and always have been. Never really felt that my inner self was well represented to the world, never completely fit in. Brought up Catholic (surprise!) but never devout enough. Never Italien or Portuguese enough for my small fishing village and now, let’s face it, I’m just not Minnesota nice enough to be a real Midwestern girl! I’m not an awkward teen anymore and I don’t wallow, I giggle. I remember my nickname while reciting in my head-“big fat juicy ones, long, tall skinny ones, I’m gonna eat some worms!”. Thanks for the coping skills mom! I now have two teenage daughters of my own who are ‘oh so lucky’ to benefit from me slowly becoming my mother.


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