A Fictitious Writer’s Mind

2015-05-07 12.30.16
I wish to see the everyday monotony of life from a bird’s eye view by asking “who, what, where?”
The innermost thoughts of others’ are imagined with ease by asking “why?”
The actions and reactions of human nature are predicted with each monkey wrench scenario and ‘what if’ possible when asked “how?”
What is expected to happen is joyously twisted into what I want to make happen.
Like a grand puppeteer I thrill in mastering each turn of events, controlling with the flick of my wrist how it all makes sense.
Surprises are even more delicious when they make no sense at all until they are tied up into a tidy ball of revelations at the end.
Descriptive words are too easy and the greatest discoveries come in the form of unfamiliar phrases, similes, and symbolism that ring familiar and true to their describer in a perfect metaphor.
Beneath it all a constant inner monologue reigns king and it pours from my brain -to my hand -to my paper like tears turned to melted silver memories in Dumbledore’s pensive.
I long to express daydreams of what never was.writer1

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