Day 11: Update Your Readers Over a Cup of Coffee

My older daughter has been home for a visit from college for the past ten days. It is her first year away and I have missed her very much every day for the past 2 months. I even miss cosmetics strewn all over the bathroom counter, finding her dirty socks on the living room floor, and tripping over her shoes in the entry way. I miss the constant stream of giggling teenagers stopping by, and the art projects in progress on the dining table. It is too quiet without echoing pop music blaring during her exorbitantly long showers and the constant ping of snapchat alerts.  It has been great having her home this week but also very busy. I love to cook and made my daughter several of her favorite home cooked meals while she was here. I brought her to the mall, the doctor, the dentist, and to two movies.  My world still revolves around my girl. My artist, humanitarian, and scholar. I always drop everything to spend time with her and I will do anything for the opportunity to do for her. I love hearing how her day is and what she thinks about current events. I love looking into her beautiful innocent eyes and wiping away her tears. I love her big compassionate heart and her smart creative mind. I MADE THAT! And I am a PROUD MAMMA> Today my daughter went back to her school six hours and two states away.  She doesn’t even flinch or look back. Just a quick hug and wave out the window. She is ready to fly. I just sat quietly stunned on the deck with my coffee after she drove away with her trunk full of clean folded laundry.  I am not ready. What will I do when both of my girls are grown and gone for good? Who will I be when I am not their momma. Remembering my babies makes me laugh with joy, thinking about how proud I am of them makes me cry with gratitude, and reflecting on how quickly time flies by makes me panic a little inside.

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