Day 9: Writing and not writing

When I am not writing I am usually either focused on my family or my career.  I am a caregiver by nature and also by trade, I am a nurse and a mother. I am a big believer in being “All In” no matter what I am doing. Staying true to the here and now by letting go of work at home and visa versa is imperative to my sanity. My favorite way to reset and restore my energy before switching gears is just to take a walk alone in nature when I get home. I can sometimes literally feel the stress fall away. I live near a beautiful State Park and luckily the weather has been very mild so far this fall. Making time to talk to my family out east and getting together with friends are also important to me. I recently took a class with a friend and we started volunteering for my local fire department as first responders. It is good to be part of the community and part of a team. I also love cooking, laughing, cuddling on the couch, and listening to music. One thing that has always helped me most to take care of me is writing itself. Somehow just the act of jotting down my random thoughts helps my brain organize them.

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