His last words to her were in a text “I don’t love you anymore”. When she texted back “why?” and suggested marriage counseling he replied, “it is too late, I have moved on and I need to be happy now”. The closest thing she got for an explanation was “It is just that I have to be with someone who looks good in a bikini” but he never apologized for this because he said, “I am not sorry, and neither should you be-regret is toxic to the soul and one must be true to their own desires”. She had raised his children and kept his home fires burning for years, but in the end when the goalpost of an empty nest was in sight, he had rejected her for the scars that motherhood and matriarchy had left. He was gone. One day after a business trip he never came home and texted “I am leaving you”. He just left without discussion, empathy or conscience and would not return calls or texts for two weeks. When he finally came to get his things, he texted and asked her to not be there. “I just can’t be around any negativity right now, I am purifying my soul and simplifying my life”. She texted back and said she would not leave, and he needed tell her to her face why he was leaving!  “You coward! Don’t I have a right to be angry? Don’t I deserve an explanation?” He texted “Stop being irrational, your anger consumes you, you are toxic and I will not justify it with a response”. He finally admitted he had a shiny new young girlfriend who looked good in a bikini and yoga pants. He also had a new yoga guru he followed in daily meditations in which, “Introspection is key, each man is a universe unto himself and one can only truly find fulfillment within themselves”.  In the end all she could reply exasperated was “ARGHH! You are unbelievable!” She realized the man she had spent the past 25 years with was gone and replaced with this selfish, pious, hypocritical Prick. He had no empathy and felt no loyalty to her or their marriage vows. He was truly a toxic universe unto himself who unequivocally believed his own bullshit! She was glad to get away but she was not going to let him get off cheap. At first she had almost believed him when he wanted her to sell the house and split it but said he would not fight her for the rest of their savings because “I am above material things now, the physical sphere no longer interests me”. Luckily, thanks to an astute attorney she found out that he had in fact moved money, stocks and retirement funds into secret accounts while preparing for his spiritual journey. He would pay for his broken promises and her wasted youth, he would pay for her loneliness and stretch marks. In the end she would prove him right and show him just how “toxic” she could be.

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