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My First Week in Blogging University

Wow- this week flew by! I started this blog to encourage myself to write more when I took a writers101 course last year. At that time I just picked an easy theme and posted a few words never giving any attention to my blogging site itself or really learning how to use it. Time got away from me this year and my blog writing took a hiatus while my thoughts and dreams ended up scribbled into old journals on my bedside table. I am determined not to let that happen again after this course.
I need to write and I need to share it! I need to give myself the gift of doing something just for ME! You see I am a caregiver by trade (nurse) and a giver of care at home as well (mother), taking the time to really immerse myself in a good book for pleasure or pouring my creative urges out into my writing are indulgences I unfortunately have had to sacrifice for too many years. No More! My kids are almost grown, (dropping the first at college next week!) and I am finally done with my own schooling. My work schedule has become more predictable as I’ve gained seniority and I can now leave work at work most days. Nursing is a calling for me just like writing is and I love it but it can be draining! I finally have the time and energy to pursue other interests when I get home.
Blogging 101 has been great so far. On day one I announced my goal of becoming a blogger. I also learned how to tag! On day two I gave my blog a new title by getting nostalgic. I posted about how I got the name from a nickname my mother once gave me. Day three I spent reading other blogs. SO MANY INTERESTING, ORGANIZED, and BEAUTIFUL BLOGS_ SO MANY FABULOUS, INTERESTING, and TALENTED BLOGGERS!! I am following A LOT of really cool blogs now! It made me realize I wanted to improve the look and organization of my blog and I started messing with my theme and other features that very night! The day four task was to identify your audience. I realized that poetry, writing, and philosophy are the focus of my blog and anyone who loves words and thoughts are my target audience. I also learned to add photos and media to my posts. Today, Day five was theme day. I did try many themes this week but ended up just customizing the one I had originally by messing with images, fonts and colors. I am proudest of the fact that that I finally understand how to navigate around the admin area to organize and categorize my posts- since I am not a tech girl this has been a huge source of frustration. I still don’t really understand what a widget is!
Although it is a work in progress, “St. Mary the Martyr’s Blog” has come a long way in just one week. Thanks to all the folks at Blogging University and all my fellow bloggers from Blogging101 who have been so kind! See you next week!how-to-blog-blackboard-classroom_id785240_size485

# Blogging 101-Day 1 Introduction-“I’ve Got Something to Say”

I don’t consider myself a Blogger but I would like to become one. My Blog is not technical or professional, it is simply an outlet for the rambling thoughts that flow through me everyday. Writing is a need for me. Expression and creativity help me organize my brain, unload my feelings, and focus my attention. I Blog rather than just keep a journal because this forum somehow motivates me to put pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard. I think everyone has a story inside them worth telling and hearing. My story pours from me like a geyser under pressure. If I stop the welling tide inside me up too long I feel that I may actually explode. By sharing my story freely I am proclaiming myself as worthy of hearing.  I am discovering my own voice and fighting my urge to suppress it. I am learning to let go of my fear of rejection and teaching myself to speak up, take a stand, and just be ok. Blogging= loving myself.